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Package debuglog configures Logrus. It configures Logrus to print out file and line info, to use UTC timestamps with subsecond precision, etc.

This should be used from every main package. When you import this package, it will run Configure with default options. Users should document that in their import lines or call Configure again explicitly.



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func Configure

func Configure(opts Options)

Configure sets up the debug logger. It's safe to call more than once. It should not be called concurrently (results are undefined if called concurrently with different Options).


type Options

type Options struct {
	// If true, the logger will highlight some output with ANSI colors. This
	// might not work in all situations, such as when writing into a file.
	// This may be overridden by setting the environment variable
	// "CLICOLOR_FORCE" to "1".
	ForceColors bool

	// If not nil, this will set up the given logger. If nil, it will set up the
	// default Logrus logger (see logrus.StandardLogger()).
	// This is primarily used for unit testing.
	Logger *logrus.Logger

Options are used to control the debug logger's behavior. The default Options are represented by the zero value.

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