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Package grpcclientutil has helpers for configuring gRPC clients.



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func InsecureDialContext

func InsecureDialContext(connectCtx context.Context, address string, opts ...grpc.DialOption) *grpc.ClientConn

InsecureDialContext connects to the given address. It sets up Prometheus and OpenTracing monitoring. It disables transport-level security.

The actual connection happens in the background; the given 'connectCtx' can be used to cancel this background activity. The caller must not pass grpc.WithBlock() as an option.

func InvalidConn

func InvalidConn(msg string) *grpc.ClientConn

InvalidConn returns a non-nil gRPC connection in the TransientFailure state. Callers should Close() the returned connection when they're done with it.

InvalidConn can be useful to generate a dummy value in situations where having a nil grpc.ClientConn would be inconvenient.

func StreamInterceptorChain

func StreamInterceptorChain(first, second grpc.StreamClientInterceptor) grpc.StreamClientInterceptor

StreamInterceptorChain lets you use multiple stream interceptors on a single client. gRPC only lets you have one top-level StreamClientInterceptor per client, so this chains them together.

func UnaryInterceptorChain

func UnaryInterceptorChain(first, second grpc.UnaryClientInterceptor) grpc.UnaryClientInterceptor

UnaryInterceptorChain lets you use multiple interceptors on a single client. gRPC only lets you have one top-level UnaryClientInterceptor per client, so this chains them together.


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