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func NewSolver

func NewSolver() webhook.Solver


type Config

type Config struct {
	APITokenSecretRef cmmeta.SecretKeySelector `json:"apiTokenSecretRef"`

Config is a structure that is used to decode into when solving a DNS01 challenge.

This information is provided by cert-manager, and may be a reference to additional configuration that's needed to solve the challenge for this particular certificate or issuer.

This typically includes references to Secret resources containing DNS provider credentials, in cases where a 'multi-tenant' DNS solver is being created.

If you do *not* require per-issuer or per-certificate configuration to be provided to your webhook, you can skip decoding altogether in favour of using CLI flags or similar to provide configuration.

You should not include sensitive information here. If credentials need to be used by your provider here, you should reference a Kubernetes Secret resource and fetch these credentials using a Kubernetes clientset.

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