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Github Label Maker

Add Github labels automatically.

It's very useful when using or managing a open source project that you tame the issue beast with labels. But adding multiple labels across different projects is cumbersome. BUT NOT ANYMORE.


Please have go installed


go get


See my example file

  {"name": "bug", "color": "ffffff"},
  {"name": "feature", "color": "000000"}


github_labelmaker -f labels.json -u octocat -r repo

   --file, -f 		A file path to your labels. i.e -f labels.json [$LABELS_FILE]
   --user, -u 		Your Github username -u octocat [$GITHUB_USER]
   --token, -t 		Your Github OAuth Token -t github_token [$GITHUB_TOKEN]
   --repo, -r 		The GITHUB repo you want to add labels to -r octocat_repo [$GITHUB_REPO]
   --help, -h		show help
   --version, -v	print the version

Github Token

You will need a personal access token in order to authenticate against the Github api
Token Docs

Once you have your token your can add them to the .env file here

or create a env variable
export GITHUB_TOKEN="token"

GitHub Enterprise configuration


Export from GitHub website

Here is a snippet to be able to export Github labels from the labels page of a project

Extract Labels Function

Running this code in your browsers console will output some Json ready to be save to a file for use with this tool.


The Go Gopher

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