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const Type = "basic"

Type represents the type of the basic authentication provider


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type Provider

type Provider struct {
	Store store.Store

	// ObjectMeta contains the name, namespace, labels and annotations
	corev2.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata"`

Provider represents the basic internal authentication provider

func (*Provider) Authenticate

func (p *Provider) Authenticate(ctx context.Context, username, password string) (*corev2.Claims, error)

Authenticate a user, with the provided credentials, against the Sensu store

func (*Provider) GetObjectMeta

func (p *Provider) GetObjectMeta() corev2.ObjectMeta

GetObjectMeta returns the provider metadata

func (*Provider) Name

func (p *Provider) Name() string

Name returns the provider name

func (*Provider) Refresh

func (p *Provider) Refresh(ctx context.Context, providerClaims corev2.AuthProviderClaims) (*corev2.Claims, error)

Refresh the claims of a user

func (*Provider) SetNamespace

func (p *Provider) SetNamespace(namespace string)

SetNamespace sets the namespace of the resource.

func (*Provider) StorePrefix

func (p *Provider) StorePrefix() string

StorePrefix returns the path prefix to the provider in the store. Not implemented

func (*Provider) Type

func (p *Provider) Type() string

Type returns the provider type

func (*Provider) URIPath

func (p *Provider) URIPath() string

URIPath returns the path component of the basic provider. Not implemented

func (*Provider) Validate

func (p *Provider) Validate() error

Validate validates the basic provider configuration

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