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var (
	// URL che-machine-exec api server url
	URL string
	// StaticPath path to serve static resources
	StaticPath string
	// UseBearerToken - flag to enable/disable using bearer token to avoid users impersonation while accessing to k8s API.
	// if enabled - authenticated user ID must be configured
	UseBearerToken bool
	// AuthenticatedUserID is a user's ID who is authenticated to use API. Is ignored if useBearerToken is disabled
	AuthenticatedUserID string

	// IdleTimeout is a inactivity period after which workspace should be stopped
	// Default value is 30 minutes
	IdleTimeout time.Duration
	// StopRetryPeriod is a period after which workspace should be tried to stop if the previous try failed
	// Default value is 10 seconds
	StopRetryPeriod time.Duration
	// RunTimeout is the maximum duration a workspace can be running before it is stopped
	// Default value is -1, which means - no maximium duration
	RunTimeout time.Duration

	// UseTLS flag to enable/disable serving TLS
	UseTLS bool

	// PodSelector set of labels to be used as selector for getting workspace pod.
	// Default value is che.workspace_id=${CHE_WORKSPACE_ID}
	PodSelector string


func Parse

func Parse()

Parse application arguments

func Print

func Print()

Print configuration information


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