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var (
	// SnapshotterFlags are cli flags specifying snapshotter names
	SnapshotterFlags = []cli.Flag{
			Name:   "snapshotter",
			Usage:  "snapshotter name. Empty value stands for the default value.",
			Value:  containerd.DefaultSnapshotter,

	// LabelFlag is a cli flag specifying labels
	LabelFlag = cli.StringSliceFlag{
		Name:  "label",
		Usage: "labels to attach to the image",

	// RegistryFlags are cli flags specifying registry options
	RegistryFlags = []cli.Flag{
			Name:  "skip-verify,k",
			Usage: "skip SSL certificate validation",
			Name:  "plain-http",
			Usage: "allow connections using plain HTTP",
			Name:  "user,u",
			Usage: "user[:password] Registry user and password",
			Name:  "refresh",
			Usage: "refresh token for authorization server",
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var PushTracker = docker.NewInMemoryTracker()

PushTracker returns a new InMemoryTracker which tracks the ref status


func AppContext

func AppContext(context *cli.Context) (gocontext.Context, gocontext.CancelFunc)

AppContext returns the context for a command. Should only be called once per command, near the start.

This will ensure the namespace is picked up and set the timeout, if one is defined.

func ForwardAllSignals

func ForwardAllSignals(ctx gocontext.Context, task killer) chan os.Signal

ForwardAllSignals forwards signals

func GetResolver

func GetResolver(ctx gocontext.Context, clicontext *cli.Context) (remotes.Resolver, error)

GetResolver prepares the resolver from the environment and options

func LabelArgs

func LabelArgs(labelStrings []string) map[string]string

LabelArgs returns a map of label key,value pairs

func NewClient

NewClient returns a new containerd client

func ObjectWithLabelArgs

func ObjectWithLabelArgs(clicontext *cli.Context) (string, map[string]string)

ObjectWithLabelArgs returns the first arg and a LabelArgs object

func ParseSignal

func ParseSignal(rawSignal string) (syscall.Signal, error)

ParseSignal parses a given string into a syscall.Signal it checks that the signal exists in the platform-appropriate signalMap

func PrintAsJSON

func PrintAsJSON(x interface{})

PrintAsJSON prints input in JSON format

func StopCatch

func StopCatch(sigc chan os.Signal)

StopCatch stops and closes a channel

func WritePidFile

func WritePidFile(path string, pid int) error

WritePidFile writes the pid atomically to a file


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