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This binary is used to override the entrypoint of a container by wrapping it. In tektoncd/pipeline this is used to make sure Task's steps are executed in order, or for sidecars.

The following flags are available :

  • -entrypoint: "original" command to be executed (as entrypoint). This will be executed as a sub-process on entrypoint
  • -post_file: file path to write once the sub-process has finished. If the sub-process failed, it will write to {{post_file}}.err instead of {{post_file}}.
  • -wait_file: file path to watch before starting the sub-process. It watches for {{wait_file}} and {{wait_file}}.err presence and will either execute the sub-process (in case of {{wait_file}}) or skip the execution, write to {{post_file}}.err and return an error (exitCode >= 0)
  • -wait_file_content: excepts the wait_file to add actual content. It will continue watching for wait_file until it has content.

The following example of usage for entrypoint, wait's for /builder/downward/ready file to exists and have some content before executing /ko-app/bash -- -args mkdir -p /workspace/git-resource, and will write to /builder/tools/0 in casse of succes, or /builder/tools/0.err in case of failure.

entrypoint \
	-wait_file /builder/downward/ready \
	-post_file /builder/tools/0" \
	-wait_file_content  \
	-entrypoint /ko-app/bash -- -args mkdir -p /workspace/git-resource


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