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func Crawler

func Crawler(target string, txt string, html string, delayTime int, concurrency int, ignore string, ignoreTxt string,
	cache bool, timeout int, intensive bool, secrets bool, secretsFile []string, plain bool, endpoints bool, endpointsFile []string,
	fileType int) ([]string, []scanner.SecretMatched, []scanner.EndpointMatched, []scanner.FileTypeMatched)

Crawler it's the actual crawler core

func EndpointsMatch

func EndpointsMatch(target string, endpointsFile []string) []scanner.EndpointMatched

EndpointsMatch check if an endpoint matches a juicy parameter

func GetRequest

func GetRequest(target string) (string, error)

GetRequest performs a GET request and return a string (the body of the response)

func HeadRequest

func HeadRequest(target string) (string, error)

HeadRequest performs a HEAD request and return a string (the headers of the response)

func IgnoreMatch

func IgnoreMatch(url string, ignoreSlice []string) bool

IgnoreMatch checks if the URL is not in the ignored ones.

func PostRequest

func PostRequest(target string, data map[string]string) (string, error)

PostRequest performs a POST request and return a string (the body of the response) the map in the input should contains the data fields and values in this way for example: { email:, password: stupid_pwd }

func RetrieveBody

func RetrieveBody(target string) string

RetrieveBody retrieves the body of a url

func SecretsMatch

func SecretsMatch(url string, body string, secretsFile []string) []scanner.SecretMatched

SecretsMatch checks if a body matches some secrets


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