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type EndpointMatched

type EndpointMatched struct {
	Parameters []Parameter
	URL        string

EndpointMatched struct. Parameters = a list of parameters in a particular endpoint. Url = url (aka endpoint).

func RemovDuplicateEndpoints

func RemovDuplicateEndpoints(input []EndpointMatched) []EndpointMatched

RemovDuplicateEndpoints removes duplicate endpoints found.

type Error added in v1.1.5

type Error struct {
	ErrorName string
	Regex     []string

Error struct. ErrorName = the name that identifies the error. Regex = The regular expression to be matched.

func GetErrorRegexes added in v1.1.5

func GetErrorRegexes() []Error

GetErrorRegexes returns all the error structs.

type ErrorMatched added in v1.1.5

type ErrorMatched struct {
	Error Error
	URL   string
	Match string

ErrorMatched struct. Error = Error struct. Url = url in which the error is found. Match = the string matching the regex.

func RemoveDuplicateErrors added in v1.1.5

func RemoveDuplicateErrors(input []ErrorMatched) []ErrorMatched

RemoveDuplicateErrors removes duplicates from Errors found.

type FileType

type FileType struct {
	Extension string
	Severity  int

FileType struct. Extension = the file extension (doc, txt ..etc..). Severity = the 'importance' of the file found. Higher is better.

func GetExtensions

func GetExtensions() []FileType

GetExtensions returns all the extension structs.

type FileTypeMatched

type FileTypeMatched struct {
	Filetype FileType
	URL      string

FileTypeMatched struct. Filetype = Filetype struct. Url = url of the file found.

func RemoveDuplicateExtensions

func RemoveDuplicateExtensions(input []FileTypeMatched) []FileTypeMatched

RemoveDuplicateExtensions removes duplicates from Extensions found.

type Info added in v1.1.7

type Info struct {
	Name  string
	Regex []string

Info struct. Name = the name that identifies the information. Regex = The regular expression to be matched.

func GetInfoRegexes added in v1.1.7

func GetInfoRegexes() []Info

GetInfoRegexes returns all the info structs.

type InfoMatched added in v1.1.7

type InfoMatched struct {
	Info  Info
	URL   string
	Match string

InfoMatched struct. Info = Info struct. Url = url in which the information is found. Match = the string matching the regex.

func RemoveDuplicateInfos added in v1.1.7

func RemoveDuplicateInfos(input []InfoMatched) []InfoMatched

RemoveDuplicateInfos removes duplicates from Infos found.

type Parameter

type Parameter struct {
	Parameter string
	Attacks   []string

Parameter struct. Parameter = the name of the parameter. Attacks = Possible attacks.

func GetJuicyParameters

func GetJuicyParameters() []Parameter

GetJuicyParameters returns juicy parameters and their possible attacks.

type Secret

type Secret struct {
	Name           string
	Description    string
	Regex          string
	FalsePositives []string
	Poc            string

Secret struct. Name = the name that identifies the secret. Description. Regex = The regular expression matching the secret. FalsePositives = A list of known false positives. PoC = cli command to check if the secret is valid or not.

func GetSecretRegexes added in v1.1.5

func GetSecretRegexes() []Secret

GetSecretRegexes returns a slice of all the secret structs.

type SecretMatched

type SecretMatched struct {
	Secret Secret
	URL    string
	Match  string

SecretMatched struct. Secret = The secret matched (struct). Url = url in which is present the secret. Match = the string matching the regex.

func RemoveDuplicateSecrets

func RemoveDuplicateSecrets(input []SecretMatched) []SecretMatched

RemoveDuplicateSecrets removes duplicates from secrets found.

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