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Published: Oct 7, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


func RegisterRoutes

func RegisterRoutes(e *echo.Echo, prv *providers.Provider)

type ConfigHandler

type ConfigHandler struct {
	ConfigUseCase config.IConfig

func (ConfigHandler) Get

func (c ConfigHandler) Get(ctx echo.Context) error

Get godoc @Summary Get AppConfig @Description get application configuration @Tags AppConfig @Accept json @Produce json @Success 200 {object} config.Config @Router /api/appconfig [get]

type HealthcheckHandler

type HealthcheckHandler struct {
	HealthcheckUseCase healthcheck.IHealthcheck

func (*HealthcheckHandler) Get

func (c *HealthcheckHandler) Get() echo.HandlerFunc

Get godoc @Summary Get Health @Description run healthcheck @Tags HealthCheck @Accept json @Produce json @Success 200 {object} models.Healthcheck @Failure 503 {object} models.Healthcheck @Router /api/healthz [get]

type NetworkHandler

type NetworkHandler struct {
	NetworkUseCase network.INetwork

func (*NetworkHandler) Create

func (c *NetworkHandler) Create(ctx echo.Context) error

Create godoc @Summary Add Network @Description add or update network @Tags Network @Accept json @Produce json @Param network body models.Network true "Add Network" @Success 201 {object} models.NetworkID @Failure 400 {object} httperror.HTTPError @Failure 500 {object} httperror.HTTPError @Router /api/network [post]

func (*NetworkHandler) Get

func (c *NetworkHandler) Get(ctx echo.Context) error

Get godoc @Summary Get Network @Description get network @Tags Network @Accept json @Produce json @Success 200 {object} models.Network @Failure 404 {object} httperror.HTTPError @Failure 503 {object} httperror.HTTPError @Router /api/network [get]

type StatusHandler

type StatusHandler struct {
	StatusUseCase status.IStatus

func (*StatusHandler) Get

func (c *StatusHandler) Get(ctx echo.Context) error

Get godoc @Summary Get Status @Description get status given a site id @Tags Status @Accept json @Produce json @Param id path int true "Site ID" @Success 200 {object} models.Status @Failure 400 {object} httperror.HTTPError @Failure 404 {object} httperror.HTTPError @Failure 500 {object} httperror.HTTPError @Router /api/status/{id} [get]

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