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type Request

type Request struct {
	Name      string `json:"name"`      // The name of the shortcut, max 2 characters.
	Key       string `json:"key"`       // The key for the channel.
	Channel   string `json:"channel"`   // The channel name for the shortcut.
	Subscribe bool   `json:"subscribe"` // Specifies whether the broker should auto-subscribe.

    Request represents a link generation request.

    type Response

    type Response struct {
    	Request uint16 `json:"req,omitempty"`     // The corresponding request ID.
    	Status  int    `json:"status"`            // The status of the response.
    	Name    string `json:"name,omitempty"`    // The name of the shortcut, max 2 characters.
    	Channel string `json:"channel,omitempty"` // The channel which was registered.

      Response represents a link generation response.

      func (*Response) ForRequest

      func (r *Response) ForRequest(id uint16)

        ForRequest sets the request ID in the response for matching

        type Service

        type Service struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Service represents a link generation service.

          func New

          func New(auth service.Authorizer, pubsub service.PubSub) *Service

            New creates a new link generation service.

            func (*Service) OnRequest

            func (s *Service) OnRequest(c service.Conn, payload []byte) (service.Response, bool)

              OnRequest handles a request to create a link.