Package server provides an implementation of a streaming xDS server.



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    type CallbackFuncs

    type CallbackFuncs struct {
    	StreamOpenFunc     func(context.Context, int64, string) error
    	StreamClosedFunc   func(int64)
    	StreamRequestFunc  func(int64, *discovery.DiscoveryRequest) error
    	StreamResponseFunc func(int64, *discovery.DiscoveryRequest, *discovery.DiscoveryResponse)
    	FetchRequestFunc   func(context.Context, *discovery.DiscoveryRequest) error
    	FetchResponseFunc  func(*discovery.DiscoveryRequest, *discovery.DiscoveryResponse)

      CallbackFuncs is a convenience type for implementing the Callbacks interface.

      func (CallbackFuncs) OnFetchRequest

      func (c CallbackFuncs) OnFetchRequest(ctx context.Context, req *discovery.DiscoveryRequest) error

        OnFetchRequest invokes FetchRequestFunc.

        func (CallbackFuncs) OnFetchResponse

        func (c CallbackFuncs) OnFetchResponse(req *discovery.DiscoveryRequest, resp *discovery.DiscoveryResponse)

          OnFetchResponse invoked FetchResponseFunc.

          func (CallbackFuncs) OnStreamClosed

          func (c CallbackFuncs) OnStreamClosed(streamID int64)

            OnStreamClosed invokes StreamClosedFunc.

            func (CallbackFuncs) OnStreamOpen

            func (c CallbackFuncs) OnStreamOpen(ctx context.Context, streamID int64, typeURL string) error

              OnStreamOpen invokes StreamOpenFunc.

              func (CallbackFuncs) OnStreamRequest

              func (c CallbackFuncs) OnStreamRequest(streamID int64, req *discovery.DiscoveryRequest) error

                OnStreamRequest invokes StreamRequestFunc.

                func (CallbackFuncs) OnStreamResponse

                func (c CallbackFuncs) OnStreamResponse(streamID int64, req *discovery.DiscoveryRequest, resp *discovery.DiscoveryResponse)

                  OnStreamResponse invokes StreamResponseFunc.

                  type Callbacks

                  type Callbacks interface {

                    Callbacks is a collection of callbacks inserted into the server operation. The callbacks are invoked synchronously.

                    type HTTPGateway

                    type HTTPGateway struct {
                    	// Log is an optional log for errors in response write
                    	Log log.Logger
                    	// Server is the underlying gRPC server
                    	Server Server

                      HTTPGateway is a custom implementation of [gRPC gateway]( specialized to Envoy xDS API.

                      func (*HTTPGateway) ServeHTTP

                      func (h *HTTPGateway) ServeHTTP(req *http.Request) ([]byte, int, error)

                      type Server

                        Server is a collection of handlers for streaming discovery requests.

                        func NewServer

                        func NewServer(ctx context.Context, config cache.Cache, callbacks Callbacks) Server

                          NewServer creates handlers from a config watcher and callbacks.

                          func NewServerAdvanced

                          func NewServerAdvanced(restServer rest.Server, sotwServer sotw.Server) Server