End-to-end testing script

This directory contains a basic end-to-end testing script. The script sets up a configuration cache, stands up a configuration server, and starts up Envoy with the server as either ADS or xDS discovery option. The configuration is periodically refreshed with new routes and new clusters. In parallel, the test sends echo requests one after another through Envoy, exercising the pushed configuration.


  • Envoy binary envoy available: set ENVOY environment variable to the location of the binary, or use the default value /usr/local/bin/envoy
  • go-control-plane builds successfully


To run the script with a single ADS server:


To run the script with a single server configured as different xDS servers:

make integration.xds

To run the script with a single server configured to use Fetch through HTTP:


You should see runs of configuration push events and request batch reports. The test executes batches of requests to exercise multiple listeners, routes, and clusters, and records the number of successful and failed requests. The test is successful if at least one batch passes through all requests (e.g. Envoy eventually converges to use the latest pushed configuration) for each run.

Customizing the test driver

You can run bin/test -help to get a list of the cli flags that the test program accepts. There are also comments in main.go.



    Package main contains the test driver for testing xDS manually.

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