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var File_envoy_config_filter_network_zookeeper_proxy_v1alpha1_zookeeper_proxy_proto protoreflect.FileDescriptor


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type ZooKeeperProxy

type ZooKeeperProxy struct {

	// The human readable prefix to use when emitting :ref:`statistics
	// <config_network_filters_zookeeper_proxy_stats>`.
	StatPrefix string `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=stat_prefix,json=statPrefix,proto3" json:"stat_prefix,omitempty"`
	// [#not-implemented-hide:] The optional path to use for writing ZooKeeper access logs.
	// If the access log field is empty, access logs will not be written.
	AccessLog string `protobuf:"bytes,2,opt,name=access_log,json=accessLog,proto3" json:"access_log,omitempty"`
	// Messages — requests, responses and events — that are bigger than this value will
	// be ignored. If it is not set, the default value is 1Mb.
	// The value here should match the jute.maxbuffer property in your cluster configuration:
	// https://zookeeper.apache.org/doc/r3.4.10/zookeeperAdmin.html#Unsafe+Options
	// if that is set. If it isn't, ZooKeeper's default is also 1Mb.
	MaxPacketBytes *wrappers.UInt32Value `protobuf:"bytes,3,opt,name=max_packet_bytes,json=maxPacketBytes,proto3" json:"max_packet_bytes,omitempty"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) Descriptor deprecated

This method has been deprecated.
func (*ZooKeeperProxy) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

Deprecated: Use ZooKeeperProxy.ProtoReflect.Descriptor instead.

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) GetAccessLog

func (x *ZooKeeperProxy) GetAccessLog() string

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) GetMaxPacketBytes

func (x *ZooKeeperProxy) GetMaxPacketBytes() *wrappers.UInt32Value

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) GetStatPrefix

func (x *ZooKeeperProxy) GetStatPrefix() string

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) ProtoMessage

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) ProtoMessage()

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) ProtoReflect

func (x *ZooKeeperProxy) ProtoReflect() protoreflect.Message

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) Reset

func (x *ZooKeeperProxy) Reset()

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) String

func (x *ZooKeeperProxy) String() string

func (*ZooKeeperProxy) Validate

func (m *ZooKeeperProxy) Validate() error

Validate checks the field values on ZooKeeperProxy with the rules defined in the proto definition for this message. If any rules are violated, an error is returned.

type ZooKeeperProxyValidationError

type ZooKeeperProxyValidationError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ZooKeeperProxyValidationError is the validation error returned by ZooKeeperProxy.Validate if the designated constraints aren't met.

func (ZooKeeperProxyValidationError) Cause

Cause function returns cause value.

func (ZooKeeperProxyValidationError) Error

Error satisfies the builtin error interface

func (ZooKeeperProxyValidationError) ErrorName

func (e ZooKeeperProxyValidationError) ErrorName() string

ErrorName returns error name.

func (ZooKeeperProxyValidationError) Field

Field function returns field value.

func (ZooKeeperProxyValidationError) Key

Key function returns key value.

func (ZooKeeperProxyValidationError) Reason

Reason function returns reason value.

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