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WASM (Webassembly) support

Important note: to run the Webassembly demo at least Go 1.13 is required!

Starting from v1.4.0 Pigo has been ported to Webassembly 🎉. This gives a huge gain in terms of real time performance.

This means that there is no need anymore to run the library in a Python environment as a shared library. For more details check the project description from the Readme file and also this blog post.

How to run it?

Download and build the serve package for making a simple webserver. Then simply type the $ make to build the wasm file and to start the webserver. That's all. It will open a new page in your browser on the following address http://localhost:5000/.

In case the lib.wasm is not generated automatically you can build yourself by running the following command:

$ GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm go build -o lib.wasm wasm.go

Supported keys:

s - Show/hide pupils
c - Toggle circle/rectangle detection mark
f - Show/hide facial landmark points (hidden by default)


For the Webassembly related demos check this separate repo:



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