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sslcli is command-line client for SSLLabs public API.

IMPORTANT: Currently, SSLLabs API doesn't provide same info as SSLLabs website.

Usage demo



From source

To build the SSLScan Client from scratch, make sure you have a working Go 1.14+ workspace (instructions), then:

go get

If you want update SSLScan Client to latest stable release, do:

go get -u

From ESSENTIAL KAOS Public Repository

sudo yum install -y$(uname -r).rpm
sudo yum install yo

Prebuilt binaries

You can download prebuilt binaries for Linux and OS X from EK Apps Repository:

bash <(curl -fsSL sslcli

Docker Image

The latest version of sslcli also available as Docker image.

docker pull essentialkaos/sslcli
docker run --rm -it essentialkaos/sslcli:latest host…

Feature list

  • Superb UI
  • Output very similar to SSLLabs website output
  • Checking many hosts at once
  • Checking hosts defined in the file
  • Check resumption
  • JSON/XML/YAML/Text output for usage in third party scripts


Usage: sslcli {options} host…


  --format, -f text|json|yaml|xml    Output result in different formats
  --detailed, -d                     Show detailed info for each endpoint
  --ignore-mismatch, -i              Proceed with assessments on certificate mismatch
  --avoid-cache, -c                  Disable cache usage
  --public, -p                       Publish results on
  --perfect, -P                      Return non-zero exit code if not A+
  --max-left, -M duration            Check expiry date (num + d/w/m/y)
  --notify, -n                       Notify when check is done
  --quiet, -q                        Don't show any output
  --no-color, -nc                    Disable colors in output
  --help, -h                         Show this help message
  --version, -v                      Show version



  sslcli -P
  Check and return zero exit code only if result is perfect (A+)

  sslcli -p -c
  Check, publish results, disable cache usage

  sslcli -M 3m -q
  Check in quiet mode and return error if cert expire in 3 months

  sslcli hosts.txt
  Check all hosts defined in hosts.txt file

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Before contributing to this project please read our Contributing Guidelines.

Terms of Use

This project is not affiliated with SSL Labs and not officially supported by SSL Labs. Before using this package please read Qualys SSL Labs Terms of Use.

Also you should:

  • Only inspect sites and servers whose owners have given you permission to do so;
  • Be clear that this tool works by sending assessment requests to remote SSL Labs servers and that this information will be shared with them.


Apache License, Version 2.0


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