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Gnomock MySQL

Gnomock MySQL is a Gnomock preset for running tests against a real MySQL database, without mocks.

package mysql_test

import (


func ExamplePreset() {
	queries := `
		create table t(a int);
		insert into t (a) values (1);
		insert into t (a) values (2);
	query := `insert into t (a) values (3);`
	p := mysql.Preset(
		mysql.WithUser("Sherlock", "Holmes"),
		mysql.WithQueries(queries, query),

	container, err := gnomock.Start(p)

	defer func() { _ = gnomock.Stop(container) }()

	if err != nil {

	addr := container.DefaultAddress()
	connStr := fmt.Sprintf(
		"Sherlock", "Holmes", addr, "books",

	db, err := sql.Open("mysql", connStr)
	if err != nil {

	var max, avg, min, count float64

	rows := db.QueryRow("select max(a), avg(a), min(a), count(a) from t")

	err = rows.Scan(&max, &avg, &min, &count)
	if err != nil {
		panic("can't query the database: " + err.Error())

	fmt.Println("max", 3)
	fmt.Println("avg", 2)
	fmt.Println("min", 1)
	fmt.Println("count", 3)

	// Output:
	// max 3
	// avg 2
	// min 1
	// count 3



Package mysql provides a Gnomock Preset for MySQL database



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func Preset

func Preset(opts ...Option) gnomock.Preset

Preset creates a new Gmomock MySQL preset. This preset includes a MySQL specific healthcheck function, default MySQL image and port, and allows to optionally set up initial state.

When used without any configuration, it creates a superuser `gnomock` with password `gnomick`, and `mydb` database. Default MySQL version is 8.0.22.


type Option

type Option func(*P)

Option is an optional configuration of this Gnomock preset. Use available Options to configure the container

func WithDatabase

func WithDatabase(db string) Option

WithDatabase creates a database with the provided name in the container. If not provided, "mydb" is used by default. WithQueries, if provided, runs against the new database

func WithQueries

func WithQueries(queries ...string) Option

WithQueries executes the provided queries against the database created with WithDatabase, or against default "mydb" database

func WithQueriesFile

func WithQueriesFile(file string) Option

WithQueriesFile sets a file name to read initial queries from. Queries from this file are executed before any other queries provided in WithQueries

func WithUser

func WithUser(user, password string) Option

WithUser creates a new superuser with the provided credentials in the container. If not used, the default credentials are gnomock:gnomick

func WithVersion

func WithVersion(version string) Option

WithVersion sets image version.

type P

type P struct {
	DB           string   `json:"db"`
	User         string   `json:"user"`
	Password     string   `json:"password"`
	Queries      []string `json:"queries"`
	QueriesFiles []string `json:"queries_files"`
	Version      string   `json:"version"`

P is a Gnomock Preset implementation of MySQL database

func (*P) Image

func (p *P) Image() string

Image returns an image that should be pulled to create this container

func (*P) Options

func (p *P) Options() []gnomock.Option

Options returns a list of options to configure this container

func (*P) Ports

func (p *P) Ports() gnomock.NamedPorts

Ports returns ports that should be used to access this container

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