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const (
	MEMBERS       base.TplName = "org/member/members"
	MEMBER_INVITE base.TplName = "org/member/invite"
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const (
	SETTINGS_OPTIONS base.TplName = "org/settings/options"
	SETTINGS_DELETE  base.TplName = "org/settings/delete"
	SETTINGS_HOOKS   base.TplName = "org/settings/hooks"
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const (
	TEAMS             base.TplName = "org/team/teams"
	TEAM_NEW          base.TplName = "org/team/new"
	TEAM_MEMBERS      base.TplName = "org/team/members"
	TEAM_REPOSITORIES base.TplName = "org/team/repositories"
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const (
	CREATE base.TplName = "org/create"


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func Create

func Create(ctx *context.Context)

func CreatePost

func CreatePost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateOrgForm)

func DeleteTeam

func DeleteTeam(ctx *context.Context)

func DeleteWebhook added in v0.6.9

func DeleteWebhook(ctx *context.Context)

func EditTeam

func EditTeam(ctx *context.Context)

func EditTeamPost

func EditTeamPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateTeamForm)

func Invitation

func Invitation(ctx *context.Context)

func Members

func Members(ctx *context.Context)

func MembersAction

func MembersAction(ctx *context.Context)

func NewTeam

func NewTeam(ctx *context.Context)

func NewTeamPost

func NewTeamPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.CreateTeamForm)

func Settings

func Settings(ctx *context.Context)

func SettingsAvatar added in v0.6.15

func SettingsAvatar(ctx *context.Context, form auth.AvatarForm)

func SettingsDelete

func SettingsDelete(ctx *context.Context)

func SettingsDeleteAvatar added in v0.9.0

func SettingsDeleteAvatar(ctx *context.Context)

func SettingsPost

func SettingsPost(ctx *context.Context, form auth.UpdateOrgSettingForm)

func TeamMembers

func TeamMembers(ctx *context.Context)

func TeamRepositories

func TeamRepositories(ctx *context.Context)

func Teams

func Teams(ctx *context.Context)

func TeamsAction

func TeamsAction(ctx *context.Context)

func TeamsRepoAction

func TeamsRepoAction(ctx *context.Context)

func Webhooks added in v0.6.9

func Webhooks(ctx *context.Context)


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