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func Active

func Active() bool

Active adl lib

func EngineClock

func EngineClock(busNumber int) int

EngineClock fetches and returns engine clock for a device bus number

func EngineSetClock

func EngineSetClock(busNumber int, value int) error

EngineSetClock set engine clock for a device bus number

func FanPercent

func FanPercent(busNumber int) float64

FanPercent fetches and returns fan utilization for a device bus number

func FanSetPercent

func FanSetPercent(busNumber int, fanPercent uint32) error

FanSetPercent sets the fan to a percent value for a device bus number and returns the ADL return value

func MemoryClock

func MemoryClock(busNumber int) int

MemoryClock fetches and returns memory clock for a device bus number

func MemorySetClock

func MemorySetClock(busNumber int, value int) error

MemorySetClock set engine clock for a device bus number

func Name

func Name(busNumber int) string

Name of device

func Release

func Release()

Release ADL

func Temperature

func Temperature(busNumber int) float64

Temperature fetches and returns temperature for a device bus number


type PCI

type PCI struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PCI from sys linux

func GetPCIDevice

func GetPCIDevice(busNumber int) (*PCI, error)

GetPCIDevice from devices

func (*PCI) EngineClock

func (p *PCI) EngineClock() (clock int)

EngineClock from sys

func (*PCI) FanPercent

func (p *PCI) FanPercent() (percent float64)

FanPercent from sys

func (*PCI) FanSetPercent

func (p *PCI) FanSetPercent(fanPercent uint32) (err error)

FanSetPercent on sys

func (*PCI) MemoryClock

func (p *PCI) MemoryClock() (clock int)

MemoryClock from sys

func (*PCI) Temperature

func (p *PCI) Temperature() (temp float64)

Temperature from sys

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