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type KeyChanFunc

type KeyChanFunc func(context.Context) (<-chan cid.Cid, error)

KeyChanFunc is function streaming CIDs to pass to content routing

func NewBlockstoreProvider

func NewBlockstoreProvider(bstore blocks.Blockstore) KeyChanFunc

NewBlockstoreProvider returns key provider using bstore.AllKeysChan

func NewPinnedProvider

func NewPinnedProvider(pinning pin.Pinner, dag ipld.DAGService, onlyRoots bool) KeyChanFunc

NewPinnedProvider returns provider supplying pinned keys

type Reprovider

type Reprovider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewReprovider

func NewReprovider(ctx context.Context, rsys routing.ContentRouting, keyProvider KeyChanFunc) *Reprovider

NewReprovider creates new Reprovider instance.

func (*Reprovider) Reprovide

func (rp *Reprovider) Reprovide() error

Reprovide registers all keys given by rp.keyProvider to libp2p content routing

func (*Reprovider) Run

func (rp *Reprovider) Run(tick time.Duration)

Run re-provides keys with 'tick' interval or when triggered

func (*Reprovider) Trigger

func (rp *Reprovider) Trigger(ctx context.Context) error

Trigger starts reprovision process in rp.Run and waits for it

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