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var (
	DefaultMaxPrice    = big.NewInt(500 * params.GWei)
	DefaultIgnorePrice = big.NewInt(2 * params.Wei)


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type Config added in v1.6.0

type Config struct {
	Blocks           int
	Percentile       int
	MaxHeaderHistory int
	MaxBlockHistory  int
	Default          *big.Int `toml:",omitempty"`
	MaxPrice         *big.Int `toml:",omitempty"`
	IgnorePrice      *big.Int `toml:",omitempty"`

type Oracle added in v1.6.0

type Oracle struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Oracle recommends gas prices based on the content of recent blocks. Suitable for both light and full clients.

func NewOracle added in v1.6.0

func NewOracle(backend OracleBackend, params Config) *Oracle

NewOracle returns a new gasprice oracle which can recommend suitable gasprice for newly created transaction.

func (*Oracle) FeeHistory added in v1.10.5

func (oracle *Oracle) FeeHistory(ctx context.Context, blocks int, unresolvedLastBlock rpc.BlockNumber, rewardPercentiles []float64) (*big.Int, [][]*big.Int, []*big.Int, []float64, error)

FeeHistory returns data relevant for fee estimation based on the specified range of blocks. The range can be specified either with absolute block numbers or ending with the latest or pending block. Backends may or may not support gathering data from the pending block or blocks older than a certain age (specified in maxHistory). The first block of the actually processed range is returned to avoid ambiguity when parts of the requested range are not available or when the head has changed during processing this request. Three arrays are returned based on the processed blocks: - reward: the requested percentiles of effective priority fees per gas of transactions in each

block, sorted in ascending order and weighted by gas used.

- baseFee: base fee per gas in the given block - gasUsedRatio: gasUsed/gasLimit in the given block Note: baseFee includes the next block after the newest of the returned range, because this value can be derived from the newest block.

func (*Oracle) SuggestTipCap added in v1.10.4

func (oracle *Oracle) SuggestTipCap(ctx context.Context) (*big.Int, error)

SuggestTipCap returns a tip cap so that newly created transaction can have a very high chance to be included in the following blocks.

Note, for legacy transactions and the legacy eth_gasPrice RPC call, it will be necessary to add the basefee to the returned number to fall back to the legacy behavior.

type OracleBackend added in v1.9.16

type OracleBackend interface {
	HeaderByNumber(ctx context.Context, number rpc.BlockNumber) (*types.Header, error)
	BlockByNumber(ctx context.Context, number rpc.BlockNumber) (*types.Block, error)
	GetReceipts(ctx context.Context, hash common.Hash) (types.Receipts, error)
	PendingBlockAndReceipts() (*types.Block, types.Receipts)
	ChainConfig() *params.ChainConfig
	SubscribeChainHeadEvent(ch chan<- core.ChainHeadEvent) event.Subscription

OracleBackend includes all necessary background APIs for oracle.

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