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type Encoder

type Encoder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

An Encoder provides encoding of the AWS JSON protocol. This encoder will will write all content to JSON. Only supports body and payload targets.

func NewEncoder

func NewEncoder() *Encoder

NewEncoder creates a new encoder for encoding AWS JSON protocol. Only encodes fields into the JSON body, and error is returned if target is anything other than Body or Payload.

func (*Encoder) Encode

func (e *Encoder) Encode() (io.ReadSeeker, error)

Encode returns the encoded XMl reader. An error will be returned if one was encountered while building the JSON body.

func (*Encoder) List

List will return a new listEncoder and create a new scope for the list encoding.

func (*Encoder) Map

Map will return a new mapEncoder and create a new scope for the map encoding.

func (*Encoder) SetFields

func (e *Encoder) SetFields(t protocol.Target, k string, m protocol.FieldMarshaler, meta protocol.Metadata)

SetFields sets the nested fields to the JSON body.

func (*Encoder) SetStream

func (e *Encoder) SetStream(t protocol.Target, k string, v protocol.StreamMarshaler, meta protocol.Metadata)

SetStream is not supported for JSON protocol marshaling.

func (*Encoder) SetValue

SetValue sets an individual value to the JSON body.

func (*Encoder) WriteListEnd

func (e *Encoder) WriteListEnd()

func (*Encoder) WriteListStart

func (e *Encoder) WriteListStart()

func (*Encoder) WriteMapEnd

func (e *Encoder) WriteMapEnd()

func (*Encoder) WriteMapStart

func (e *Encoder) WriteMapStart()


Path Synopsis
Package jsonutil provides JSON serialization of AWS requests and responses.
Package jsonutil provides JSON serialization of AWS requests and responses.

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