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func InfoHandler

func InfoHandler(srv *context.T, log log15.Logger) func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)

func JsonRpcService

func JsonRpcService(srv *context.T, log log15.Logger) *rpc.Server

func WebsocketHandler

func WebsocketHandler(srv *context.T, log log15.Logger) func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request)


type BlockService

type BlockService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BlockService) BlockTransactions

func (service *BlockService) BlockTransactions(r *http.Request, args *BlockTransactionsArgs, reply *BlockTransactionsReply) error

func (*BlockService) GetBlock

func (service *BlockService) GetBlock(r *http.Request, args *GetBlockArgs, reply *GetBlockReply) error

func (*BlockService) GetLastBlock

func (service *BlockService) GetLastBlock(r *http.Request, args *GetLastBlockArgs, reply *GetLastBlockReply) error

type BlockTransactionsArgs

type BlockTransactionsArgs struct {
	Hash string

type BlockTransactionsReply

type BlockTransactionsReply struct {
	Transactions []string

type GeneratePrivateKeyArgs

type GeneratePrivateKeyArgs struct {
	Alias string

type GeneratePrivateKeyReply

type GeneratePrivateKeyReply struct {
	Success   bool
	PublicKey string

type GetBlockArgs

type GetBlockArgs struct {
	Hash string

type GetBlockReply

type GetBlockReply struct {
	NextBlockHash     string
	PreviousBlockHash string
	MerkleRootHash    string
	Timestamp         int64
	Bits              uint32
	Nonce             uint32
	NumTransactions   int

type GetLastBlockArgs

type GetLastBlockArgs struct {

type GetLastBlockReply

type GetLastBlockReply struct {
	Hash string

type GetMainKeyArgs

type GetMainKeyArgs struct {

type GetMainKeyReply

type GetMainKeyReply struct {
	Alias string

type GetTransactionArgs

type GetTransactionArgs struct {
	Hash string

type GetTransactionReply

type GetTransactionReply struct {
	PreviousTransactionHash string
	PublicKey               string
	NextPublicKey           string
	Valid                   bool
	Content                 string

type Info

type Info struct {
	Mining    server.MiningStatus
	LastBlock *block.Block
	Debug     struct {
		NumGoroutine int

type JoinArgs

type JoinArgs struct {
	Host string

type JoinReply

type JoinReply struct {

type KeyService

type KeyService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields


func (*KeyService) GeneratePrivateKey

func (service *KeyService) GeneratePrivateKey(r *http.Request, args *GeneratePrivateKeyArgs, reply *GeneratePrivateKeyReply) error

func (*KeyService) GetMainKey

func (service *KeyService) GetMainKey(r *http.Request, args *GetMainKeyArgs, reply *GetMainKeyReply) error

func (*KeyService) ListPrivateKeys

func (service *KeyService) ListPrivateKeys(r *http.Request, args *ListPrivateKeysArgs, reply *ListPrivateKeysReply) error

func (*KeyService) SetMainKey

func (service *KeyService) SetMainKey(r *http.Request, args *SetMainKeyArgs, reply *SetMainKeyReply) error

type ListPrivateKeysArgs

type ListPrivateKeysArgs struct {

type ListPrivateKeysReply

type ListPrivateKeysReply struct {
	Aliases []string

type ListRepositoriesArgs

type ListRepositoriesArgs struct {

type ListRepositoriesReply

type ListRepositoriesReply struct {
	Repositories []repo

type NameAllocationArgs

type NameAllocationArgs struct {
	Alias  string
	Name   string
	Random string

type NameAllocationReply

type NameAllocationReply struct {
	Id string

type NameReservationArgs

type NameReservationArgs struct {
	Alias string
	Name  string

type NameReservationReply

type NameReservationReply struct {
	Id     string
	Random string

type NameService

type NameService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*NameService) NameAllocation

func (service *NameService) NameAllocation(r *http.Request, args *NameAllocationArgs, reply *NameAllocationReply) error

func (*NameService) NameReservation

func (service *NameService) NameReservation(r *http.Request, args *NameReservationArgs, reply *NameReservationReply) error

type NetService

type NetService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*NetService) Join

func (service *NetService) Join(r *http.Request, args *JoinArgs, reply *JoinReply) error

type RepositoryService

type RepositoryService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*RepositoryService) ListRepositories

func (service *RepositoryService) ListRepositories(r *http.Request, args *ListRepositoriesArgs, reply *ListRepositoriesReply) error

type SetMainKeyArgs

type SetMainKeyArgs struct {
	Alias string

type SetMainKeyReply

type SetMainKeyReply struct {
	Success bool

type TransactionService

type TransactionService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*TransactionService) GetTransaction

func (service *TransactionService) GetTransaction(r *http.Request, args *GetTransactionArgs, reply *GetTransactionReply) error

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