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func CamelToHyphen

func CamelToHyphen(src string) string

func LowerFirst

func LowerFirst(s string) string

LowerFirst ...

func SplitCamelString

func SplitCamelString(src string) (entries []string)

SplitCamelString splits the camelcase word and returns a list of words. It also supports digits. Both lower camel case and upper camel case are supported. For more info please check:


"" =>                     [""]
"lowercase" =>            ["lowercase"]
"Class" =>                ["Class"]
"MyClass" =>              ["My", "Class"]
"MyC" =>                  ["My", "C"]
"HTML" =>                 ["HTML"]
"PDFLoader" =>            ["PDF", "Loader"]
"AString" =>              ["A", "String"]
"SimpleXMLParser" =>      ["Simple", "XML", "Parser"]
"vimRPCPlugin" =>         ["vim", "RPC", "Plugin"]
"GL11Version" =>          ["GL", "11", "Version"]
"99Bottles" =>            ["99", "Bottles"]
"May5" =>                 ["May", "5"]
"BFG9000" =>              ["BFG", "9000"]
"BöseÜberraschung" =>     ["Böse", "Überraschung"]
"Two  spaces" =>          ["Two", "  ", "spaces"]
"BadUTF8\xe2\xe2\xa1" =>  ["BadUTF8\xe2\xe2\xa1"]

Splitting rules

  1. If string is not valid UTF-8, return it without splitting as single item array.
  2. Assign all unicode characters into one of 4 sets: lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and all other characters.
  3. Iterate through characters of string, introducing splits between adjacent characters that belong to different sets.
  4. Iterate through array of split strings, and if a given string is upper case: if subsequent string is lower case: move last character of upper case string to beginning of lower case string


type Command

type Command struct {
	Name       string
	Summary    string
	Doc        string
	IsExported bool

Command defines a matr cmd

func Parse

func Parse(file string) ([]Command, error)

Parse parses a matr file and returns a list of commands

type Param

type Param struct {
	Name string
	Type string

Param defines a matr HandlerFunc parameter

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