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var ErrUnanalizedLayer = errors.New("layer cannot be analyzed")

ErrUnanalizedLayer is returned when the layer was not correctly analyzed


func Asset

func Asset(name string) ([]byte, error)

Asset loads and returns the asset for the given name. It returns an error if the asset could not be found or could not be loaded.

func AssetDir

func AssetDir(name string) ([]string, error)

AssetDir returns the file names below a certain directory embedded in the file by go-bindata. For example if you run go-bindata on data/... and data contains the following hierarchy:


then AssetDir("data") would return []string{"foo.txt", "img"} AssetDir("data/img") would return []string{"a.png", "b.png"} AssetDir("foo.txt") and AssetDir("notexist") would return an error AssetDir("") will return []string{"data"}.

func AssetInfo

func AssetInfo(name string) (os.FileInfo, error)

AssetInfo loads and returns the asset info for the given name. It returns an error if the asset could not be found or could not be loaded.

func AssetNames

func AssetNames() []string

AssetNames returns the names of the assets.

func Config

func Config()

Config configure Clair from configFile

func Delete

func Delete(image reference.NamedTagged, manifest distribution.Manifest) error

func GetRegistryMapping

func GetRegistryMapping(layerDigest string) (string, error)

GetRegistryMapping return the registryURI corresponding to the layerID passed as parameter

func IsHealthy

func IsHealthy() bool

IsHealthy return Health clair result

func MustAsset

func MustAsset(name string) []byte

MustAsset is like Asset but panics when Asset would return an error. It simplifies safe initialization of global variables.

func Push

func Push(image reference.NamedTagged, manifest distribution.Manifest) error

func ReportAsHTML

func ReportAsHTML(analyzes ImageAnalysis) (string, error)

ReportAsHTML report analysis as HTML

func RestoreAsset

func RestoreAsset(dir, name string) error

RestoreAsset restores an asset under the given directory

func RestoreAssets

func RestoreAssets(dir, name string) error

RestoreAssets restores an asset under the given directory recursively

func Versions

func Versions() (interface{}, error)


type ImageAnalysis

type ImageAnalysis struct {
	Registry, ImageName, Tag string
	Layers                   []v1.LayerEnvelope

ImageAnalysis Full image analysis

func Analyze

func Analyze(image reference.NamedTagged, manifest distribution.Manifest) ImageAnalysis

Analyze return Clair Image analysis

func (ImageAnalysis) MostRecentLayer

func (imageAnalysis ImageAnalysis) MostRecentLayer() v1.LayerEnvelope

MostRecentLayer returns the most recent layer of an ImageAnalysis object

func (ImageAnalysis) ShortName

func (imageAnalysis ImageAnalysis) ShortName(l v1.Layer) string

func (ImageAnalysis) String

func (imageAnalysis ImageAnalysis) String() string

type ReportConfig

type ReportConfig struct {
	Path   string
	Format string

ReportConfig Reporting configuration

var Report ReportConfig

Report Reporting Config value

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