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Published: May 13, 2020 License: BSD-2-Clause Imports: 4 Imported by: 1




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const (
	UnknownCameraModel = models.CameraModel("Unknown")


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var (
	UnknownCameraLensType = CanonLensType([]string{"Unknown"})
	ErrModelNotFound      = errors.New("Model Not Found")
	ErrLensTypeNotFound   = errors.New("Lens type Not Found")
	ErrMakerNote          = errors.New("Error reading MakerNote")


func CanonLens

func CanonLens(lensType int) string

CanonLens -

func CanonModel

func CanonModel(id uint32) (models.CameraModel, error)

CanonModel -


type AFPosition

type AFPosition [2]int

AFPosition - Position of AutoFocus Points (x,y)

func (*AFPosition) ToInt

func (ap *AFPosition) ToInt() (int, int)

ToInt - Convert AFPosition to Int

type CanonAFInfo

type CanonAFInfo struct {
	AFAreaMode       string // 1: AFAreaMode
	NumAFPoints      int    // 2:
	ValidAFPoints    int    // 3:
	CanonImageWidth  int    // 4:
	CanonImageHeight int    // 5:
	//AFImageWidth     int    // 6:
	//AFImageHeight    int    // 7:
	//AFAreaWidths     int    // 8:
	//AFAreaHeights    int    // 9:
	AFAreaPositions map[AFPosition]int

CanonAFInfo - Work In Progress

func (*CanonAFInfo) Get

func (cai *CanonAFInfo) Get(tag *tiff.Tag) error

Get CanonAFInfo WIP - March 20, 2020

type CanonLensType

type CanonLensType []string

CanonLensType -

type CanonShotInfo

type CanonShotInfo struct {
	ExposureCompensation int
	CameraTemperature    int
	FlashGuideNumber     int
	SequenceNumber       int

CanonShotInfo - WIP

func (*CanonShotInfo) Get

func (csi *CanonShotInfo) Get(tag *tiff.Tag) error

Get the CanonShotInfo from a *tiff.Tag

type FocusDistance

type FocusDistance [2]float32

FocusDistance -

func (*FocusDistance) String

func (fd *FocusDistance) String() string

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