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Package mid provides middleware that can be used by any service in this project.



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var ErrForbidden = web.NewRequestError(
	errors.New("you are not authorized for that action"),

ErrForbidden is returned when an authenticated user does not have a sufficient role for an action.


func Authenticate

func Authenticate(authenticator *auth.Authenticator) web.Middleware

Authenticate validates a JWT from the `Authorization` header.

func Cors

func Cors(origin string) web.Middleware

func Errors

func Errors(log *log.Logger) web.Middleware

Errors handles errors coming out of the call chain. It detects normal application errors which are used to respond to the client in a uniform way. Unexpected errors (status >= 500) are logged.

func HasRole

func HasRole(roles ...string) web.Middleware

HasRole validates that an authenticated user has at least one role from a specified list. This method constructs the actual function that is used.

func Logger

func Logger(log *log.Logger) web.Middleware

Logger writes some information about the request to the logs in the format: (200) GET /foo -> IP ADDR (latency)

func Metrics

func Metrics() web.Middleware

Metrics updates program counters.


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