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const (
	Invalid   = iota       // 0
	Standard  = 100 * iota // 100
	Admin                  // 200
	Superuser              // 300

Available user roles:

* Invalid: default value set in case there is no authentication previous process for this user and thus not got a valid role. * Standard: role for regular users. This is the less privileged role * Admin: role for createsuperuser users, including standard role permissions but not superuser ones * Superuser: role for users having all the permissions

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const MaxNonceAgeInSeconds = 60

MaxNonceAgeInSeconds is the nonce age

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const OpenidNonceMaxAge = MaxNonceAgeInSeconds * time.Second

OpenidNonceMaxAge is the maximum age of stored nonces. Any nonces older than this will automatically be rejected. Stored nonces older than this will periodically be purged from the database.


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type DataStore

type DataStore interface {
	OpenIDNonceStore() openid.NonceStore
	CreateUser(user User) (int64, error)
	GetUser(username string) (User, error)
	UserList() ([]User, error)
	UserUpdate(user User) error
	UserDelete(username string) error

	OrgUserAccess(orgID, username string, role int) bool
	OrganizationsForUser(username string) ([]Organization, error)
	OrganizationForUserToggle(orgID, username string) error
	OrganizationGet(orgID string) (Organization, error)
	OrganizationCreate(org Organization) error
	OrganizationUpdate(org Organization) error

DataStore is the interfaces for the data repository

type OpenidNonce

type OpenidNonce struct {
	ID        int64
	Nonce     string
	Endpoint  string
	TimeStamp int64

OpenidNonce holds the details of the nonce, combining a timestamp and random text

type Organization

type Organization struct {
	OrganizationID string
	Name           string

Organization holds details of the organization

type OrganizationUser

type OrganizationUser struct {
	OrganizationID string
	Username       string

OrganizationUser holds links a user and organization

type User

type User struct {
	ID       int64
	Username string
	Name     string
	Email    string
	Role     int

User holds user personal, authentication and authorization info


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