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var AvailableCurrencies = map[string]bool{"usd": true, "eur": true, "gbp": true, "cny": true}


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type CoinGecko

type CoinGecko struct {
	Cache *cache.Cache

CoinGecko is market data provider.

func NewCoinGecko

func NewCoinGecko() *CoinGecko

func (CoinGecko) GetTezosMarketData

func (c CoinGecko) GetTezosMarketData(curr string) (md models.MarketInfo, err error)

GetTezosMarketData gets the tezos prices and price change from CoinGecko API.

func (CoinGecko) GetTezosMarketDataByCurr

func (c CoinGecko) GetTezosMarketDataByCurr(curr string) (md CurrMarketData, err error)

type CurrMarketData

type CurrMarketData struct {
	Price          float64 `json:"current_price"`
	Price24hChange float64 `json:"price_change_24h"`
	MarketCap      float64 `json:"market_cap"`
	Volume         float64 `json:"total_volume"`
	Supply         float64 `json:"circulating_supply"`

MarketData is a Price and Price Change with json deserialization for USD .

func (CurrMarketData) GetMarketCap

func (md CurrMarketData) GetMarketCap() float64

func (CurrMarketData) GetPrice

func (md CurrMarketData) GetPrice() float64

GetPrice returns the price in USD.

func (CurrMarketData) GetPriceChange

func (md CurrMarketData) GetPriceChange() float64

GetPriceChange returns the price change during the last 24 hours in percents.

func (CurrMarketData) GetSupply

func (md CurrMarketData) GetSupply() float64

func (CurrMarketData) GetVolume

func (md CurrMarketData) GetVolume() float64

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