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var (

	//ErrDuplication is a register duplication err
	ErrDuplication = errors.New("etcd: instance duplicate registration")


func Build

func Build(c *clientv3.Config, id string) naming.Resolver

Build register resolver into default etcd.

func Builder

func Builder(c *clientv3.Config) naming.Builder

Builder return default etcd resolver builder.


type EtcdBuilder

type EtcdBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EtcdBuilder is a etcd clientv3 EtcdBuilder

func New

func New(c *clientv3.Config) (e *EtcdBuilder, err error)

New is new a etcdbuilder

func (*EtcdBuilder) Build

func (e *EtcdBuilder) Build(appid string, opts ...naming.BuildOpt) naming.Resolver

Build disovery resovler builder.

func (*EtcdBuilder) Close

func (e *EtcdBuilder) Close() error

Close stop all running process including etcdfetch and register

func (*EtcdBuilder) Register

func (e *EtcdBuilder) Register(ctx context.Context, ins *naming.Instance) (cancelFunc context.CancelFunc, err error)

Register is register instance

func (*EtcdBuilder) Scheme

func (e *EtcdBuilder) Scheme() string

Scheme return etcd's scheme

type Resolve

type Resolve struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Resolve etch resolver.

func (*Resolve) Close

func (r *Resolve) Close() error

Close close resolver.

func (*Resolve) Fetch

func (r *Resolve) Fetch(ctx context.Context) (ins *naming.InstancesInfo, ok bool)

Fetch fetch resolver instance.

func (*Resolve) Watch

func (r *Resolve) Watch() <-chan struct{}

Watch watch instance.

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