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Package dnsutil contains DNS related helper functions.



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func Dedup

func Dedup(m *dns.Msg) *dns.Msg

Dedup de-duplicates a message.

func DuplicateCNAME

func DuplicateCNAME(r *dns.CNAME, records []dns.RR) bool

DuplicateCNAME returns true if r already exists in records.

func ExtractAddressFromReverse

func ExtractAddressFromReverse(reverseName string) string

ExtractAddressFromReverse turns a standard PTR reverse record name into an IP address. This works for ipv4 or ipv6. becomes If the conversion failes the empty string is returned.

func ParseHostPort

func ParseHostPort(s, defaultPort string) (string, error)

ParseHostPort will check if the host part is a valid IP address, if the IP address is valid, but no port is found, defaultPort is added.

func ParseHostPortOrFile

func ParseHostPortOrFile(s ...string) ([]string, error)

ParseHostPortOrFile parses the strings in s, each string can either be a address, address:port or a filename. The address part is checked and the filename case a resolv.conf like file is parsed and the nameserver found are returned.


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