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Package mysqltest provides standalone test instances of mysql sutable for use in tests.



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type Fatalf

type Fatalf interface {
	Fatalf(format string, args ...interface{})

Fatalf is satisfied by testing.T or testing.B.

type Server

type Server struct {
	Port    int
	DataDir string
	Socket  string
	T       Fatalf
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server is a unique instance of a mysqld.

func NewServerDB

func NewServerDB(t Fatalf, db string) (*Server, *sql.DB)

NewServerDB creates a new server, starts it, creates the named DB, and returns both.

func NewStartedServer

func NewStartedServer(t Fatalf) *Server

NewStartedServer creates a new server starts it.

func (*Server) DB

func (s *Server) DB(suffix string) *sql.DB

DB for the server. The suffix is in the form "dbname?param=value".

func (*Server) DSN

func (s *Server) DSN(suffix string) string

DSN for the mysql server, suitable for use with sql.Open. The suffix is in the form "dbname?param=value".

func (*Server) Start

func (s *Server) Start()

Start the server, this will return once the server has been started.

func (*Server) Stop

func (s *Server) Stop()

Stop the server, this will also remove all data.

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