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Published: Mar 10, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


type MockAsserter

type MockAsserter interface {
	AssertExpectations(t mock.TestingT) bool

MockAsserter is the interface that needs to be fulfilled by the mocks that are passed in.

type Params

type Params struct {
	Route             string
	Method            string
	Body              interface{}
	Headers           map[string]string
	PathParams        []PathParam
	Query             map[string]string
	Middleware        []echo.MiddlewareFunc
	SleepBeforeAssert time.Duration

Params contains all settings that should be used when calling the handler.

type PathParam

type PathParam struct {
	Name  string
	Value string

PathParam defines the name and value for a parameter in the URL.

type Suite

type Suite struct {
	DefaultMiddleware []echo.MiddlewareFunc
	DefaultHeaders    map[string]string

Suite holds the general properties to run handler tests.

func (*Suite) CallHandler

func (s *Suite) CallHandler(t *testing.T, handlerFunc echo.HandlerFunc, params *Params, mocks []MockAsserter) (*httptest.ResponseRecorder, error)

CallHandler calls the given handler with the provided settings. Afterwards it calls "AssertExpectations" of the provided mocks.

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