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func Run

func Run(o RunOpts) error


type ExperimentIdentifier

type ExperimentIdentifier struct {
	Name      string  `json:"name"`
	From      float64 `json:"from"`
	To        float64 `json:"to"`
	Increment float64 `json:"increment"`

type ExperimentIntegrationFunctions

type ExperimentIntegrationFunctions map[string]string

type ExperimentResource

type ExperimentResource struct {
	Url                  string                         `json:"url"`
	ID                   string                         `json:"id"`
	Source               string                         `json:"source"`
	MaxIterations        uint                           `json:"maxIterations"`
	Tolerance            float64                        `json:"tolerance"`
	Identifier           ExperimentIdentifier           `json:"identifier"`
	IntegrationFunctions ExperimentIntegrationFunctions `json:"integrationFunctions"`
	Solutions            ExperimentSolutions            `json:"solutions"`
	CreatedAt            time.Time                      `json:"createdAt"`

type ExperimentSolution

type ExperimentSolution struct {
	ID              string                     `json:"id"`
	IdentifierValue float64                    `json:"identifierValue"`
	FinishedAt      *time.Time                 `json:"finishedAt"`
	Found           *bool                      `json:"found"`
	Errored         *bool                      `json:"errored"`
	Steps           *uint64                    `json:"steps"`
	ExecutionTime   *float64                   `json:"executionTime"`
	Results         *solver.IntegrationResults `json:"results"`

type ExperimentSolutions

type ExperimentSolutions []*ExperimentSolution

type RunOpts

type RunOpts struct {
	Port         string
	CompilerSvc  compiler.Service
	RendererSvc  renderer.Service
	SanModelsSvc models.Service
	SolverSvc    solver.Service

type SanModelResource

type SanModelResource struct {
	Url             string      `json:"url"`
	ID              string      `json:"id"`
	Title           string      `json:"title"`
	Description     string      `json:"description"`
	Source          string      `json:"source"`
	Hash            string      `json:"hash"`
	TransitionsHash string      `json:"transitionsHash"`
	ParsedModel     interface{} `json:"parsedModel"`
	CreatedAt       time.Time   `json:"createdAt"`
	UpdatedAt       time.Time   `json:"updatedAt"`
	GraphUrl        string      `json:"graphUrl"`

type SanModelSummaryResource

type SanModelSummaryResource struct {
	Url       string    `json:"url"`
	ID        string    `json:"id"`
	Title     string    `json:"title"`
	CreatedAt time.Time `json:"createdAt"`
	UpdatedAt time.Time `json:"updatedAt"`

type SanModelsCollectionResource

type SanModelsCollectionResource []*SanModelSummaryResource

type SolutionResource

type SolutionResource struct {
	Url               string                     `json:"url"`
	ID                string                     `json:"id"`
	Source            string                     `json:"source"`
	MaxIterations     uint                       `json:"maxIterations"`
	Tolerance         float64                    `json:"tolerance"`
	Errored           *bool                      `json:"errored"`
	Found             *bool                      `json:"found"`
	Steps             *uint64                    `json:"steps"`
	ExecutionTime     *float64                   `json:"executionTime"`
	Results           *solver.IntegrationResults `json:"results"`
	CustomIdentifiers solver.CustomIdentifiers   `json:"customIdentifiers"`
	CreatedAt         time.Time                  `json:"createdAt"`
	UpdatedAt         time.Time                  `json:"updatedAt"`
	FinishedAt        *time.Time                 `json:"finishedAt"`

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