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Package drrqueue implements a deficit round-robin buffer queue.

Efficient Fair Queueing Using Deficit Round-Robin
M. Shreedhar and George Varghese
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol. 4, No. 3, June 1996

The queue supports N-writers and 1-reader queue. By "buffer," we mean []byte blocks.

Writers have a priority that takes precedence over the deficit. Writers with greater priority are served first. Deficits are not even updated for lower priorities when higher priority Writers are being served.



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func New

func New(quantum int) bqueue.T

New returns a new T. Each writer is allowed to send quantum bytes per round-robin cycle.


type T

type T struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

T defines the type of round-robin buffer queues. The queue has multiple input Writer queues that are served according to the deficit round-robin policy.

func (*T) Close

func (q *T) Close()

Close closes the queue.

func (*T) Find

func (q *T) Find(id bqueue.ID) bqueue.Writer

Find returns the queue with the specified ID.

func (*T) Get

func (q *T) Get(flush bqueue.FlushFunc) (bqueue.Writer, []*iobuf.Slice, error)

Get returns the next element from a queue. Get blocks until a buffer is available or the queue is closed.

func (*T) NewWriter

func (q *T) NewWriter(id bqueue.ID, p bqueue.Priority, bytes int) (bqueue.Writer, error)

NewWriter allocates a new Writer.

func (*T) String

func (q *T) String() string

String provides a string representation of the queue.

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