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type RunMigrationsFunc

type RunMigrationsFunc func(ctx context.Context, ds datastore.Batching, migrations versioning.VersionedMigrationList, target versioning.VersionKey) (versioning.VersionKey, error)

RunMigrationsFunc is a function that runs migrations

type Runner

type Runner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Runner executes a migrations exactly once and can queried for status of that migration and any migration errors

func NewRunner

func NewRunner(ds datastore.Batching, migrations versioning.VersionedMigrationList, target versioning.VersionKey, runMigrations RunMigrationsFunc) *Runner

NewRunner returns a new runner instance for the given datastore, migrations, and target

func (*Runner) Migrate

func (m *Runner) Migrate(ctx context.Context) error

Migrate executes the migration, if it has not already been executed

func (*Runner) ReadyError

func (m *Runner) ReadyError() error

ReadyError returns the ready state of the migration - either nil for ready or err for not ready or a migration error

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