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var ERRUnspportedMappingType = fmt.Errorf("unsupported mapping type")
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var TAddress = reflect.TypeOf(&types.Address{})
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var TMessage = reflect.TypeOf(&types.Message{})
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var TNode = reflect.TypeOf(&types.Node{})
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var TSharedParams = reflect.TypeOf(&types.SharedParams{})
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var TSqliteAddress = reflect.TypeOf(&sqliteAddress{})
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var TSqliteMessage = reflect.TypeOf(&sqliteMessage{})
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var TSqliteNode = reflect.TypeOf(&sqliteNode{})
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var TSqliteSharedParams = reflect.TypeOf(&sqliteSharedParams{})


func FromAddress

func FromAddress(addr *types.Address) *sqliteAddress

func FromMessage

func FromMessage(srcMsg *types.Message) *sqliteMessage

func FromNode

func FromNode(node *types.Node) *sqliteNode

func FromSharedParams

func FromSharedParams(sp types.SharedParams) *sqliteSharedParams

func OpenSqlite

func OpenSqlite(cfg *config.SqliteConfig) (repo.Repo, error)


type MsgMeta

type MsgMeta struct {
	ExpireEpoch       abi.ChainEpoch `gorm:"column:expire_epoch;type:bigint;"`
	GasOverEstimation float64        `gorm:"column:gas_over_estimation;type:decimal(10,2);"`
	MaxFee            types.Int      `gorm:"column:max_fee;type:varchar(256);"`
	MaxFeeCap         types.Int      `gorm:"column:max_fee_cap;type:varchar(256);"`

func FromMeta

func FromMeta(srcMeta *types.MsgMeta) *MsgMeta

func (*MsgMeta) Meta

func (meta *MsgMeta) Meta() *types.MsgMeta

type SqlLiteRepo

type SqlLiteRepo struct {

func (SqlLiteRepo) AddressRepo

func (d SqlLiteRepo) AddressRepo() repo.AddressRepo

func (SqlLiteRepo) AutoMigrate

func (d SqlLiteRepo) AutoMigrate() error

func (SqlLiteRepo) DbClose

func (d SqlLiteRepo) DbClose() error

func (SqlLiteRepo) GetDb

func (d SqlLiteRepo) GetDb() *gorm.DB

func (SqlLiteRepo) MessageRepo

func (d SqlLiteRepo) MessageRepo() repo.MessageRepo

func (SqlLiteRepo) NodeRepo

func (d SqlLiteRepo) NodeRepo() repo.NodeRepo

func (SqlLiteRepo) SharedParamsRepo

func (d SqlLiteRepo) SharedParamsRepo() repo.SharedParamsRepo

func (SqlLiteRepo) Transaction

func (d SqlLiteRepo) Transaction(cb func(txRepo repo.TxRepo) error) error

type TxSqlliteRepo

type TxSqlliteRepo struct {

func (*TxSqlliteRepo) AddressRepo

func (t *TxSqlliteRepo) AddressRepo() repo.AddressRepo

func (*TxSqlliteRepo) MessageRepo

func (t *TxSqlliteRepo) MessageRepo() repo.MessageRepo

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