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type CircularDependencyError

type CircularDependencyError [][]string

    CircularDependencyError contains the circular dependency chains that were detected while sorting the Dependent dependencies.

    func (CircularDependencyError) Error

    func (e CircularDependencyError) Error() string

    type CrossNamespaceDependencyReference

    type CrossNamespaceDependencyReference struct {
    	// Namespace holds the namespace reference of a dependency.
    	// +optional
    	Namespace string `json:"namespace,omitempty"`
    	// Name holds the name reference of a dependency.
    	// +required
    	Name string `json:"name"`

      CrossNamespaceDependencyReference holds the reference to a dependency.

      func Sort

        Sort sorts the Dependent slice based on their listed dependencies using Tarjan's strongly connected components algorithm.

        func (CrossNamespaceDependencyReference) String

        type Dependent

        type Dependent interface {
        	// GetDependsOn returns the Dependent's types.NamespacedName,
        	// and the CrossNamespaceDependencyReference slice it depends on.
        	GetDependsOn() (types.NamespacedName, []CrossNamespaceDependencyReference)

          Dependent provides an interface for resources that maintain CrossNamespaceDependencyReference list.

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