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Published: Nov 1, 2019 License: MIT


Protein Ribbon Diagrams

Parse PDB files and render ribbon diagrams of proteins in pure Go.



Go should be installed and your GOPATH should be set (defaults to $HOME/go in Go 1.8+). $GOPATH/bin should be on your $PATH if you want to run the binaries easily.

$ go get -u github.com/fogleman/ribbon/cmd/rcsb
Example Usage

Provide a 4-digit RCSB Structure ID. The PDB file will automatically be downloaded and an image will be rendered. The triangle mesh will also be saved.

$ rcsb 4hhb  # generates 4hhb.png and 4hhb.stl

RCSB Protein Data Bank - Find PDB files of proteins here. Over 100,000 in the database.

PDB File Format - Details on the PDB file format.

Package pdb


The pdb package parses PDB files. The following entities are currently parsed:

ATOM   => *pdb.Atom
HETATM => *pdb.Atom
CONECT => *pdb.Connection
HELIX  => *pdb.Helix
SHEET  => *pdb.Strand
BIOMT  => pdb.Matrix
SMTRY  => pdb.Matrix

Additionally, some higher-level constructs are produced:

Package ribbon


The ribbon package generates 3D meshes given a pdb.Model. It can produce the following types of meshes:

  • Ribbon
  • Ball & stick (for ligands)
  • Space filling
  • Backbone
Package fauxgl

The fauxgl library is used for rendering the 3D meshes in pure Go.


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