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Published: Feb 16, 2017 License: MIT Imports: 7 Imported by: 13


3D Mesh Simplification

Implementation of Surface Simplification Using Quadric Error Metrics, SIGGRAPH 97, written in Go.


270,000 faces vs. 2,700 faces (1%)


go get -u

Command-Line Usage

Usage: simplify [-f FACTOR] input.stl output.stl

$ simplify -f 0.1 bunny.stl out.stl
Loading bunny.stl
Input mesh contains 270021 faces
Simplifying to 10% of original...
Output mesh contains 27001 faces
Writing out.stl

API Usage

// Use LoadSTL (ASCII) or LoadBinarySTL
mesh, err := simplify.LoadBinarySTL(inputPath)
// handle err
mesh = mesh.Simplify(factor)


Iteratively simplifying by 50% until only 16 faces remain




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func SaveBinarySTL

func SaveBinarySTL(path string, mesh *Mesh) error


type Face

type Face struct {
	V1, V2, V3 *Vertex
	Removed    bool

func NewFace

func NewFace(v1, v2, v3 *Vertex) *Face

func (*Face) Degenerate

func (f *Face) Degenerate() bool

func (*Face) Normal

func (f *Face) Normal() Vector

type Matrix

type Matrix struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (Matrix) Add

func (a Matrix) Add(b Matrix) Matrix

func (Matrix) Determinant

func (a Matrix) Determinant() float64

func (Matrix) Inverse

func (a Matrix) Inverse() Matrix

func (Matrix) MulPosition

func (a Matrix) MulPosition(b Vector) Vector

func (Matrix) QuadricError

func (a Matrix) QuadricError(v Vector) float64

func (Matrix) QuadricVector

func (a Matrix) QuadricVector() Vector

type Mesh

type Mesh struct {
	Triangles []*Triangle

func LoadBinarySTL

func LoadBinarySTL(path string) (*Mesh, error)

func LoadSTL

func LoadSTL(path string) (*Mesh, error)

func NewMesh

func NewMesh(triangles []*Triangle) *Mesh

func Simplify

func Simplify(input *Mesh, factor float64) *Mesh

func (*Mesh) SaveBinarySTL

func (m *Mesh) SaveBinarySTL(path string) error

func (*Mesh) Simplify

func (m *Mesh) Simplify(factor float64) *Mesh

type Pair

type Pair struct {
	A, B        *Vertex
	Index       int
	Removed     bool
	CachedError float64

func NewPair

func NewPair(a, b *Vertex) *Pair

func (*Pair) Error

func (p *Pair) Error() float64

func (*Pair) Quadric

func (p *Pair) Quadric() Matrix

func (*Pair) Vector

func (p *Pair) Vector() Vector

type PairKey

type PairKey struct {
	A, B Vector

func MakePairKey

func MakePairKey(a, b *Vertex) PairKey

type PriorityQueue

type PriorityQueue []*Pair

func (PriorityQueue) Len

func (pq PriorityQueue) Len() int

func (PriorityQueue) Less

func (pq PriorityQueue) Less(i, j int) bool

func (*PriorityQueue) Pop

func (pq *PriorityQueue) Pop() interface{}

func (*PriorityQueue) Push

func (pq *PriorityQueue) Push(x interface{})

func (PriorityQueue) Swap

func (pq PriorityQueue) Swap(i, j int)

type STLHeader

type STLHeader struct {
	Count uint32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type STLTriangle

type STLTriangle struct {
	N, V1, V2, V3 [3]float32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Triangle

type Triangle struct {
	V1, V2, V3 Vector

func NewTriangle

func NewTriangle(v1, v2, v3 Vector) *Triangle

func (*Triangle) Normal

func (t *Triangle) Normal() Vector

func (*Triangle) Quadric

func (t *Triangle) Quadric() Matrix

type Vector

type Vector struct {
	X, Y, Z float64

func (Vector) Add

func (a Vector) Add(b Vector) Vector

func (Vector) Cross

func (a Vector) Cross(b Vector) Vector

func (Vector) Dot

func (a Vector) Dot(b Vector) float64

func (Vector) Length

func (a Vector) Length() float64

func (Vector) Less

func (a Vector) Less(b Vector) bool

func (Vector) MulScalar

func (a Vector) MulScalar(b float64) Vector

func (Vector) Normalize

func (a Vector) Normalize() Vector

func (Vector) Sub

func (a Vector) Sub(b Vector) Vector

type Vertex

type Vertex struct {
	Quadric Matrix

func NewVertex

func NewVertex(v Vector) *Vertex


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