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const (
	// if we don't use this source then the kubelet will do funny, mirror things. we alias
	// this here for convenience. see the docs for Source for additional explanation.
	// @see ConfigSourceAnnotationKey
	MesosSource = kubetypes.ApiserverSource


This section is empty.


func Mesos

func Mesos(
	stop <-chan struct{},
	out chan<- interface{},
	podWatch *cache.ListWatch,
	registry executor.Registry,
	options ...Option,

Mesos spawns a new pod source that watches API server for changes and collaborates with executor.Registry to generate api.Pod objects in a fashion that's very Mesos-aware.


type Filter

type Filter interface {
	// Before is invoked before any pods are evaluated
	Before(podCount int)
	// Accept returns true if this pod should be accepted by the source; a value
	// of false results in the pod appearing to have been removed from apiserver.
	// If true, the caller should use the output pod value for the remainder of
	// the processing task. If false then the output pod value may be nil.
	Accept(*api.Pod) (*api.Pod, bool)
	// After is invoked after all pods have been evaluated

Filter is invoked for each snapshot of pod state that passes through this source

type FilterFunc

type FilterFunc func(*api.Pod) (*api.Pod, bool)

FilterFunc is a simplified Filter implementation that only implements Filter.Accept, its Before and After implementations are noop.

func (FilterFunc) Accept

func (f FilterFunc) Accept(pod *api.Pod) (*api.Pod, bool)

func (FilterFunc) After

func (f FilterFunc) After()

func (FilterFunc) Before

func (f FilterFunc) Before(_ int)

type Option

type Option func(*Source)

func ContainerEnvOverlay

func ContainerEnvOverlay(env []api.EnvVar) Option

type Source

type Source struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

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