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Public key implementation

This implementation of public keys differs from the interface crypto provides in that it only handles public keys as a byte slice and also stores a key ID with the key. It is therefore specifically made for JWS / JWK use. Note that it does not implement the JWK standard though.

Working with public keys

New(key []byte, keyID string) PublicKey

key.GetPublicKey() []byte
key.GetKeyID() string

A new public key can be initialized using New with the key as a byte slice and the key ID as a string.

To retrieve the public key slice from a public key, use key.GetPublicKey. The key ID can similarly be retrieved using key.GetKeyID.




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type PublicKey

type PublicKey struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PublicKey represents a public key

func New

func New(key []byte, id string) PublicKey

New returns a new PublicKey with the arguments as values

func (PublicKey) GetKeyID

func (s PublicKey) GetKeyID() string

GetKeyID returns the keys ID

func (PublicKey) GetPublicKey

func (s PublicKey) GetPublicKey() []byte

GetPublicKey returns the key as a byte slice

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