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func CacheHandler

func CacheHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func JsonpIndexHandler

func JsonpIndexHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func JwtLoginHandler

func JwtLoginHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func JwtTesterHandler

func JwtTesterHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func LoginHandler

func LoginHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func LoginPostHandler

func LoginPostHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func LogoutHandler

func LogoutHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func NewCookie

func NewCookie() *cookie

func RegisterHandler

func RegisterHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func RegisterPostHandler

func RegisterPostHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func UploadDbHandler

func UploadDbHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

上传图片 支持 markdown编辑器上传图片 @router /upload/image [post]

func UploadMorePostIndex

func UploadMorePostIndex(c *base.BaseContext) error

func UploadPostIndex

func UploadPostIndex(c *base.BaseContext) error

func UserHandler

func UserHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

func WsHandler

func WsHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error


type A

type A struct {
	F  string `json:"f,filter:*"`
	F1 string `json:"f_1,filter:a1"`
	F2 string `json:"f_2,filter:a2"`

	B  B `json:"b,filter:*.*"`
	B1 B `json:"b_1,filter:*.b1"`
	B2 B `json:"b_2,filter:a2.b2"`
	B3 B `json:"b_3,filter:a1.*;a2.a2"`

type B

type B struct {
	F  string `json:"f,filter:*"`
	F1 string `json:"f_1,filter:b1"`
	F2 string `json:"f_2,filter:b2"`

	C  C `json:"c,filter:*.*"`
	C1 C `json:"c_1,filter:b1.*"`
	C2 C `json:"c_3,filter:*.b1"`

type C

type C struct {
	F  string `json:"f,filter:*"`
	F1 string `json:"f_1,filter:b1"`
	F2 string `json:"f_2,filter:b2"`

type Json

type Json struct {

type LoginForm

type LoginForm struct {
	Nickname string `form:"nickname" binding:"required"`
	Password string `form:"password" binding:"required"`

type Order

type Order struct {

func NewOrder

func NewOrder() *Order

func (*Order) IndexHandler

func (x *Order) IndexHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

type Orm

type Orm struct {

func NewOrm

func NewOrm() *Orm

func (*Orm) IndexHandler

func (x *Orm) IndexHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

type Session

type Session struct {

func NewSession

func NewSession() *Session

func (*Session) IndexHandler

func (x *Session) IndexHandler(c *base.BaseContext) error

type Upload

type Upload struct {

func NewUpload

func NewUpload() *Upload

func (*Upload) UploadIndex

func (x *Upload) UploadIndex(c *base.BaseContext) error

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