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func DeleteState

func DeleteState(ifID common.IFIDType)

DeleteState removes the state info for a given interface.

func Process

func Process(ifStates *path_mgmt.IFStateInfos)

Process processes Interface State updates from the beacon service.

func UpdateIfNew

func UpdateIfNew(ifID common.IFIDType, old, new *Info)

UpdateIfNew atomically updates the state info for a given ifid, if the state has not been changed in the meantime. If there is no state info, a new one will be created and the new state will be inserted.


type Info

type Info struct {
	IfID         common.IFIDType
	Active       bool
	RevInfo      *path_mgmt.RevInfo
	RawRev       common.RawBytes
	ActiveMetric prometheus.Gauge

Info stores state information, as well as the raw revocation info for a given interface.

func LoadState

func LoadState(ifID common.IFIDType) (*Info, bool)

LoadState returns the state info for a given interface ID or nil. The bool result indicates whether the state was found in the map.

func NewInfo

func NewInfo(ifID common.IFIDType, active bool, rev *path_mgmt.RevInfo,
	rawRev common.RawBytes) *Info

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