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const (
	// SchemaVersion is the version of the SQLite schema understood by this backend.
	// Whenever changes to the schema are made, this version number should be increased
	// to prevent data corruption between incompatible database schemas.
	SchemaVersion = 1
	// Schema is the SQLite database layout.
	Schema = `` /* 1187-byte string literal not displayed */

	SegmentsTable  = "Segments"
	IntfToSegTable = "IntfToSeg"
	StartsAtTable  = "StartsAt"
	EndsAtTable    = "EndsAt"
	SegTypesTable  = "SegTypes"
	HpCfgIdsTable  = "HpCfgIds"


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type Backend

type Backend struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(path string) (*Backend, error)

New returns a new SQLite backend opening a database at the given path. If no database exists a new database is be created. If the schema version of the stored database is different from the one in schema.go, an error is returned.

func (*Backend) Delete

func (b *Backend) Delete(segID common.RawBytes) (int, error)

func (*Backend) DeleteWithIntf

func (b *Backend) DeleteWithIntf(intf query.IntfSpec) (int, error)

func (*Backend) Get

func (b *Backend) Get(params *query.Params) ([]*query.Result, error)

func (*Backend) Insert

func (b *Backend) Insert(pseg *seg.PathSegment, segTypes []seg.Type) (int, error)

func (*Backend) InsertWithHPCfgIDs

func (b *Backend) InsertWithHPCfgIDs(pseg *seg.PathSegment,
	segTypes []seg.Type, hpCfgIDs []*query.HPCfgID) (int, error)

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