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type IAPI

type IAPI interface {
	APIs(chain IChainReader) []rpc.API

IAPI defines interface to provide the RPC APIs.

type IChainReader

type IChainReader interface {
	// Config retrieves the blockchain's configuration.
	Config() *params.ChainConfig

	// CurrentHeader retrieves the current header from the database.
	CurrentHeader() *types.Header

	// GetHeaderByNumber retrieves a block header from the database by number.
	GetHeaderByNumber(number uint64) *types.Header

	// GetHeaderByHash retrieves a block header from the database by its hash.
	GetHeaderByHash(hash common.Hash) *types.Header

	// GetHeader retrieves a block header from the database by hash and number.
	GetHeader(hash common.Hash, number uint64) *types.Header

	// GetBlock retrieves a block from the database by hash and number.
	GetBlock(hash common.Hash, number uint64) *types.Block

	// StateAt retrieves a block state from the database by hash.
	StateAt(hash common.Hash) (*state.StateDB, error)

	// WriteBlockWithState writes the block and all associated state to the database.
	WriteBlockWithState(block *types.Block, receipts []*types.Receipt, state *state.StateDB) (bool, error)

	// HasBlockAndState checks if a block and associated state trie is fully present
	// in the database or not, caching it if present.
	HasBlockAndState(hash common.Hash, number uint64) bool

	// HasBlock checks if a block is fully present in the database or not.
	HasBlock(hash common.Hash, number uint64) bool

	// FillForkID fills the current and next forkID
	FillForkID(header *types.Header, statedb *state.StateDB) error

	// ForkUpdate checks and records the fork information
	ForkUpdate(block *types.Block, statedb *state.StateDB) error

IChainReader defines interface to access the blockchain.

type IConsensus

type IConsensus interface {

IConsensus defines interface to invoke for miner.

type IEngine

type IEngine interface {
	// Author retrieves the name of the account that minted the given block
	Author(header *types.Header) (common.Name, error)

	// Prepare initializes the consensus fields of a block header according to the rules of a particular engine. The changes are executed inline.
	Prepare(chain IChainReader, header *types.Header, txs []*types.Transaction, receipts []*types.Receipt, state *state.StateDB) error

	// Finalize assembles the final block.
	Finalize(chain IChainReader, header *types.Header, txs []*types.Transaction, receipts []*types.Receipt, state *state.StateDB) (*types.Block, error)

	// Seal generates a new block for the given input block with the local miner's seal place on top.
	Seal(chain IChainReader, block *types.Block, stop <-chan struct{}) (*types.Block, error)

	// Engine retrieves engine interface
	Engine() IEngine

	// Engine process actions of dpos
	ProcessAction(fid uint64, number uint64, chainCfg *params.ChainConfig, state *state.StateDB, action *types.Action) ([]*types.InternalAction, error)
	// GetDelegatedByTime get delegate stake of candidate in snapshot database
	GetDelegatedByTime(state *state.StateDB, candidate string, timestamp uint64) (stake *big.Int, err error)

	// GetEpoch get number and timestamp of prev/next epoch
	GetEpoch(state *state.StateDB, t uint64, curEpoch uint64) (epoch uint64, time uint64, err error)

	// GetActivedCandidateSize get actived candidates size in epoch database
	GetActivedCandidateSize(state *state.StateDB, epoch uint64) (size uint64, err error)

	// GetActivedCandidate get actived info in epoch database
	GetActivedCandidate(state *state.StateDB, epoch uint64, index uint64) (name string, stake *big.Int, totalVote *big.Int, counter uint64, actualCounter uint64, replace uint64, isbad bool, err error)

	// GetCandidateStake get voted stake in epoch database
	GetCandidateStake(state *state.StateDB, epoch uint64, candidate string) (stake *big.Int, err error)

	// GetVoterStake get voted stake in epoch database
	GetVoterStake(state *state.StateDB, epoch uint64, voter string, candidate string) (stake *big.Int, err error)

	// CalcBFTIrreversible get chain rreversible number
	CalcBFTIrreversible() uint64



IEngine is an algorithm agnostic consensus engine.

type ITxPool

type ITxPool interface {
	// Pending attempts to get all pending transaction.
	Pending() (map[common.Name][]*types.Transaction, error)

ITxPool defines interface to get pending transactions.

type ITxProcessor

type ITxProcessor interface {
	// ApplyTransaction attempts to apply a transaction.
	ApplyTransaction(coinbase *common.Name, gp *common.GasPool, statedb *state.StateDB, header *types.Header, tx *types.Transaction, usedGas *uint64, cfg vm.Config) (*types.Receipt, uint64, error)

ITxProcessor defines interface to process tx.

type IValidator added in v0.0.16

type IValidator interface {
	// CalcDifficulty is the difficulty adjustment algorithm.
	// It returns the difficulty that a new block should have.
	CalcDifficulty(chain IChainReader, time uint64, parent *types.Header) *big.Int

	// VerifySeal checks whether the crypto seal on a header is valid according to the consensus rules of the given engine.
	VerifySeal(chain IChainReader, header *types.Header) error

IValidator defines interface to validate block.

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