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func AddService

func AddService(engine *gin.Engine) *gin.RouterGroup

func ApiNfInstanceIdDocumentDelete

func ApiNfInstanceIdDocumentDelete(c *gin.Context)

func ApiNfInstanceIdDocumentPatch

func ApiNfInstanceIdDocumentPatch(c *gin.Context)

func ApiNfInstanceIdDocumentPut

func ApiNfInstanceIdDocumentPut(c *gin.Context)

func ApiSubscriptionIdDocument

func ApiSubscriptionIdDocument(c *gin.Context)

func ApiSubscriptionsCollection

func ApiSubscriptionsCollection(c *gin.Context)

func Index

func Index(c *gin.Context)

Index is the index handler.

func NewRouter

func NewRouter() *gin.Engine

NewRouter returns a new router.


type Route

type Route struct {
	// Name is the name of this Route.
	Name string
	// Method is the string for the HTTP method. ex) GET, POST etc..
	Method string
	// Pattern is the pattern of the URI.
	Pattern string
	// HandlerFunc is the handler function of this route.
	HandlerFunc gin.HandlerFunc

Route is the information for every URI.

type Routes

type Routes []Route

Routes is the list of the generated Route.

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