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var NGAP_PPID uint32 = 60


func Accept

func Accept(sctpLn *sctp.SCTPListener) (*sctp.SCTPConn, error)

Accept - Accepting SCTP socket

func Destroy

func Destroy(ln *sctp.SCTPListener) error

Destroy - Destroy the SCTP Server Resource

func SendMsg

func SendMsg(conn net.Conn, msg []byte) error

SendMsg - used to send out message to SCTP connection

func Server

func Server(addrStr string) *sctp.SCTPListener

Server - Init SCTP Server, Set initial value / resource

func Start

func Start(conn *sctp.SCTPConn, readChan chan ConnData)

Start - Start SCTP read channel


type ConnData

type ConnData struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConnData structure that pair the connection and data together

func (ConnData) GetData

func (cd ConnData) GetData() []byte

GetData Return the Data of ConnData structure

func (ConnData) GetError

func (cd ConnData) GetError() error

GetError Return the Error of ConnData structure

func (ConnData) GetRAddr

func (cd ConnData) GetRAddr() string

GetRAddr Return the Remote Addr of ConnData structure

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