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type APIClient

type APIClient struct {

	// API Services
	NFInstanceIDDocumentApi    *NFInstanceIDDocumentApiService
	SubscriptionIDDocumentApi  *SubscriptionIDDocumentApiService
	SubscriptionsCollectionApi *SubscriptionsCollectionApiService
	NotificationApi            *NotificationApiService
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

APIClient manages communication with the NSSF NSSAI Availability API v1.0.0 In most cases there should be only one, shared, APIClient.

func NewAPIClient

func NewAPIClient(cfg *Configuration) *APIClient

NewAPIClient creates a new API client. Requires a userAgent string describing your application. optionally a custom http.Client to allow for advanced features such as caching.

type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewConfiguration

func NewConfiguration() *Configuration

func (*Configuration) AddDefaultHeader

func (c *Configuration) AddDefaultHeader(key string, value string)

func (*Configuration) BasePath

func (c *Configuration) BasePath() string

func (*Configuration) DefaultHeader

func (c *Configuration) DefaultHeader() map[string]string

func (*Configuration) HTTPClient

func (c *Configuration) HTTPClient() *http.Client

func (*Configuration) Host

func (c *Configuration) Host() string

func (*Configuration) SetBasePath

func (c *Configuration) SetBasePath(apiRoot string)

func (*Configuration) SetBasePathNoGroup

func (c *Configuration) SetBasePathNoGroup(basePath string)

func (*Configuration) SetHost

func (c *Configuration) SetHost(host string)

func (*Configuration) SetUserAgent

func (c *Configuration) SetUserAgent(userAgent string)

func (*Configuration) UserAgent

func (c *Configuration) UserAgent() string

type NFInstanceIDDocumentApiService

type NFInstanceIDDocumentApiService service

func (*NFInstanceIDDocumentApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityDelete

func (a *NFInstanceIDDocumentApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityDelete(ctx context.Context, nfId string) (*http.Response, error)

func (*NFInstanceIDDocumentApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityPatch

func (a *NFInstanceIDDocumentApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityPatch(ctx context.Context, nfId string, patchItem []PatchItem) (AuthorizedNssaiAvailabilityInfo, *http.Response, error)

func (*NFInstanceIDDocumentApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityPut

func (a *NFInstanceIDDocumentApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityPut(ctx context.Context, nfId string, nssaiAvailabilityInfo NssaiAvailabilityInfo) (AuthorizedNssaiAvailabilityInfo, *http.Response, error)

type NotificationApiService

type NotificationApiService service

func (*NotificationApiService) NotificationPost

func (a *NotificationApiService) NotificationPost(ctx context.Context, data interface{}) (*http.Response, error)

type SubscriptionIDDocumentApiService

type SubscriptionIDDocumentApiService service

func (*SubscriptionIDDocumentApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityUnsubscribe

func (a *SubscriptionIDDocumentApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityUnsubscribe(ctx context.Context, subscriptionId string) (*http.Response, error)

type SubscriptionsCollectionApiService

type SubscriptionsCollectionApiService service

func (*SubscriptionsCollectionApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityPost

func (a *SubscriptionsCollectionApiService) NSSAIAvailabilityPost(ctx context.Context, nssfEventSubscriptionCreateData NssfEventSubscriptionCreateData) (NssfEventSubscriptionCreatedData, *http.Response, error)


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